Online Entries/Registration

The Great Frederick Fair online entries are now closed.
HouseholdFarm and Garden Building Entries DO NOT require pre-registration online, however we strongly encourage it. (Makes process go faster on day of entries/express lane!)
We invite and encourage all participants to bring entries the day they are received.

You can still log on to VIEW YOUR TRANSACTIONS and for 4-H/FFA, PRINT YOUR TAGS.

***WHEN entering/registering… MAKE SURE YOU “SAVE CART FOR LATER” OR your entries are lost. You must CHECK OUT or SAVE CART FOR LATER before exiting.***

And, please READ the opening instructions.
4-H/FFA departments have a “4” in front of them.
4-H/FFA is divided by Junior (both junior and intermediate – age 8-13) and Seniors (age 14-18) – in ShoWorks, Junior classes have a “J” in their department name.

For registering: 

Exhibitor: An individual exhibitor.

Quick Group = Individual exhibitors registering as a “quick group” create individual logins and are able to check out with one cart, at one time. After check out, these entries separate and show up as transactions under the individual login.

Team/Company = This allows you to register as a farm name/team/company instead of a “First, Last.”

Club/School = These are preset in the system with passwords, issued by the fair admin office. It enters items as a club and the premium check is cut to the club, as a whole. For FFA teachers registering entire class entries, the students name will be placed in the description.

****HELPFUL TIP: “Add Similar Entry” allows you to enter an item and click “add similar entry” to copy the exact same item again, enabling you to change the division, class it falls under. (This will make it easier to register the same animal for both 4-H/FFA and Open. Also a useful tool for FFA advisors entering 30 children for the same item.)

****IF a required field does not apply to you, please place “N/A” in the box. If you think the required field is an error, please email Karen, so we can take a look and make the correction.

For assistance you may email your questions to,subject line “help!,” and we will respond as quickly as possible.

A “How To” Guide will be posted shortly, for your reference, as well.

Exhibitor Release Form