Equine Sponsorship Program

Become a sponsor of The Great Frederick Fair’s Equine Program, featuring our Equine Arena and Equine Expo during the annual Great Frederick Fair.  Sponsorships range from $300 to $10,000 per year.

$9,500 Equine Expo sponsorship; $3,000 Presenting sponsorship,
$1,000 contributing sponsorship; $350 to $500 partner sponsorship

equine-expoThe Equine Program at The Great Frederick Fair has been a staple every year since the late 19th century. The Great Frederick Fair features Harness Racing exhibitions and Show Horse Jumping and similar events during the fair, and promotes Equine and Ag education in the community.

Recognizing that The Great Frederick Fair is not only a showcase for prized livestock, farm and garden, 4-H, home arts and arts and crafts projects, but also an educational opportunity, the Equine Programs help educate our fairgoers of all ages of the importance of agribusiness community in Frederick County and the business sector. Staffed by knowledgeable representatives of various equine groups associated with The Great Frederick Fair, the Equine Showcase is featured both weekends of the fair, and the Equine Expo is open daily throughout the fair. Bright and informative signage and literature enhance this exhibit. This is one way the fair can educate our visitors about the various segments of equine industry. Presenting and Contributing sponsorship of the Equine Program includes the sponsor’s name listed on entrance signage to the Equine Arena. Patron equine sponsors may provide a 3×3 banner to display arena the arena during the fair.