See award winning livestock at agricultural fairs in Maryland-The Great Frederick Fair

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Some excerpts from the culinary students reflection papers on the Fair field trip:

In the one day we were there we learned so much about not only food but how things become food. Between the different barns and buildings and interviews and question we asked I gained so much knowledge. For example when we talked to Jeff Bradshaw about his honey straws he was able to explain the whole process of how they were made. Then in the dairy barn fellow CTC students told us about their dual purpose cows and how they used them for not only dairy but also meat. It was a very educational and I would highly suggest to take it with future students. This trip helped me become a better chef and will help me understand what more I have to do as a chef then cook. This trip showed me is I have to explore and show my personality off and express myself for what I love to do. The only way to learn is to be taught and by asking those questions you gain knowledge, for example we asked Mr. Bradshaw about his honey straws and he explained how they were made which I never even know that these straws existed. That’s where you had to open up and come out of your bubble with not being shy and asking people things. I think as years go on this trip could help many people such as the vendors, the great Frederick fair, and even your name out and into the mouths of people.