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Some excerpts from the culinary students reflection papers on the Fair field trip:

I absolutely loved this project. Not only did I love this project because the fair is my favorite place to go and be, but I loved that it brought a whole new perspective to me about the fair. It made me look at the animals and the other farm exhibits in a new light of how these things are actually of importance to our community and environment and how they help us out in having the freshest food. I also really enjoyed getting out of our classroom and see a different side of the food industry. As a student I want to say that I wished we had more time at the fair but I do understand one day is good enough. How this project helped me be a better culinarian is I learned how to better talk up my food/ sell my food to customers and expand my vocabulary describing foods. This project also expanded my knowledge on the animals that have to do with just about most of the products that we use in the kitchen and it showed me more about why they are used for what they are used for and that they are hard to take care and very valuable animals. To expand on from that this project changed the way I look at the farm animals too, instead of looking at them as just animals and being cute I look at them as how important they are to us and all that they really supply for us every day. Another way this project made me a better culinarian is it showed me that there is more options in the food industry than just cooking, I could go out and write food commercials, make food commercials or go out and try food and advertise the business. Not only could I do all that but it showed me that people/ vendors make a lot of money for being at the fair and selling their product and that I could have my own little food stand at the fair and become known.