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Some excerpts from the culinary students reflection papers on the Fair field trip:

The fair project was a great learning experience for everyone in the culinary arts program. Not only did we have an opportunity to talk to people in the agricultural field. We also got the chance to speak to food vendors and learn more about the culinary field. There were many examples of things that I enjoyed and things I did not enjoy. Firstly the different environment was a nice change of pace, and the chance to eat some fair food during school was just a bonus. Another thing I really enjoyed was the fact that we really had a lot of creative freedom with what we wanted to do in our commercials. This project could have a great effect on me as a culinarian in life from now on. I actually spoke to someone in the pig barn and they sort of quizzed me on the different parts of a pig and what meats come from that area. And it alone was a great experience and taught me even more than what we had learned in class. We also got to learn a little more about possible employment opportunities in the future, such as working a food truck or a tent at the fair. I will definitely think more about where the meat I get comes from due to this project and it could help me with work down the road.