See award winning livestock at agricultural fairs in Maryland-The Great Frederick Fair

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Some excerpts from the culinary students reflection papers on the Fair field trip:

On Monday our class went to the fair and I believe our trip was very beneficial to understanding more of what goes into all food and restaurant marketing. I have learned that it is not nearly as easy as it looks and a lot more time in effort go into planning and producing any advertisement than I ever thought. All in all I believe that our field trip to the fair was a great project/chance to understand where our food comes from. Also that we understand more of how food marketing and commercial making is actually produced in the real world and how to go about it. The help of Brian Mo in the editing of our final commercials was invaluable as he really has a lot of experience in making and recording commercials of all types for many different types of vendors. I believe that our final project will be more than acceptable and I am surprised that I actually enjoyed making these commercials and food marketing and it’s nice to know that it could be a possible career path in my future and I may have never thought of it before.