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Bottoms up! Frederick Craft Spirits Festival hosts distillers

The Frederick Craft Spirits Festival was held Saturday at the Frederick Fairgrounds. About 300 people attended the event, which hosted 19 distilleries from Frederick County and the surrounding area.

The event was sponsored by Uncapped and organized by the Maryland Distilleries Guild. Patrons were able to try out new spirits and learn more about how they’re made, what makes up their profiles and how to use them in hand-crafted cocktails at home.

Educational seminars were also offered at the festival where spirit-lovers could learn how to craft the perfect cocktail. Patrons were even able to make their own mix drinks under a skilled mixologist.

Some of the distilleries included Blackwater Distilling, McClintock Distilling, MISCellaneous Distilling, Springfield Manor Winery, Distillery and Brewery and Tenth Ward Distilling Company.

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