General FAQs

What accommodations are in place for those with Special Needs?

The Great Frederick Fair makes every effort to make sure your accommodations are met while visiting us.

For your Special Needs

Contact the fair’s Administration Office at 301-663-5895 for questions pertaining to your special needs accommodations.


  • Limited wheelchair availability. Contact the fair’s Administration Office at 301-663-5895
  • TTY telephone use at Building 3
  • Grandstand event ticket purchases at wheel chair accessible sales window
  • Blind and hearing impaired visitors should contact the fair’s Ticket Sales Office at 301-695-3928 for grandstand accommodations
  • Sign language interpreter for all evening musical performances at the grandstand
    (interpreter will be on the left side of the stage from the audience’s perspective, Track Right and Grandstand sections C–F offer the best views of the interpreter)
  • Limited special needs seating at the grandstand. Contact the Ticket Office at 301-695-3928


  • Handicapped Parking is available on a first come, first serve basis, vehicle must display proper documentation of parking placards, stickers or license plates entitling the vehicle occupants to handicapped parking.
  • Special needs vehicles should use the Gate 3 entrance
  • Special needs unloading and loading outside of Gate 1 or by Building 15
  • Handicapped parking in designated areas, lots A, B, C & D or onsite at fairgrounds
  • Free ADA compliant shuttle service from Lot D (Monocacy Blvd.) to Gate 4A; shuttle runs frequently and is free.

Questions? Call the fair’s Administration Office at 301-663-5895.

Fair FAQs

Are pets allowed on the fairgrounds during the fair?

Pets are NOT permitted on the fairgrounds. The only exception is certified service animals in use by disabled persons.

Can I bring a bag with me?

Personal bags are permitted on the grounds. Be prepared for a potential search of your bag by security at the gates.

Does my entertainment ticket also cover my admission to the Fairgrounds?

YES, Tickets purchased in advance INCLUDE your gate admission. Show your ticket at the gate for scanning and retain your ticket to be scanned in the grandstand before the show.

Where is the Will Call window located?

Our Will Call window is located in our Box Office and is accessible from outside the Fairgrounds along E. Patrick Street just to the left of the Main Gate. Entry to the Fairgrounds is not required to pick up entertainment tickets at Will Call.

What does ADA mean when purchasing entertainment tickets?

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is referring to handicapped seating available for purchase through the Box Office at 301-695-3928. These seats are reserved for those needing wheelchair access and their companion. These seats are not in the best location for hearing impaired individuals who may require a view of the interpreter. ADA seats are intended for those with disabilities that affect physical mobility. Hearing impaired individuals needing interpreter services DO NOT need ADA seats.

Can I come to the Fair just to get some food for lunch?

We do offer a “lunch bunch” special which allows those with a business ID to enter the grounds without paying admission to get food and then exit the grounds. The special is available from 11am-2pm Monday – Friday. *Parking is NOT included in the Lunch Bunch deal.

What days are discounts for senior citizens offered?

Senior citizens age 65 and over are admitted free on Monday (9/17), Tuesday (9/18), and Wednesday (9/19) until 3 p.m., but MUST PAY for parking at all fair operated parking lots.

Wristbands will NOT be sold two hours before the end of the promotion.

Rentals FAQs

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