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The Great Frederick Fair… In the news.

Frederick County Public Schools to open after Labor Day next school year

Frederick County Public Schools will open after Labor Day next school year, complying with a controversial gubernatorial executive order.

Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, signed an executive order on Aug. 31, requiring all of Maryland’s public schools to start after Labor Day and end by June 15.

Hogan earned the ire of educational leaders and Democratic lawmakers, who accused him of overstepping his legal bounds and disregarding the purview of the local school districts.

The Frederick County Board of Education voted Wednesday to approve the 2017-18 calendar. The first day of school will be Tuesday, Sept. 5, the day after Labor Day.

Easing of alcohol rules leads talk with county’s legislative delegation

Bills allowing barbershops to serve alcohol to their patrons and removing or increasing limits on how much beer Flying Dog Brewery can serve at its taproom are on the Frederick County delegation’s radar for the legislative session that starts in January.

Those were among the issues raised when the county’s legislative delegation met with residents Saturday morning at Winchester Hall…

Maurice Gladhill, treasurer of The Great Frederick Fair, asked the delegation for legislation to protect the fair from historic zoning restrictions, after the City of Frederick considered giving the city’s Historic Preservation Commission authority to review and approve major exterior changes on the fairground properties. The Board of Aldermen voted in August to deny the proposal, after strong opposition from the agricultural community.

Officials with the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair have spoken with that county’s delegation about legislation to protect fairs statewide, Gladhill said.

James ‘Doc’ McClellan, noted Frederick political figure, dies at 90

There’s a reason the Edward P. Thomas Jr. Memorial Swimming Pool at Baker Park has the name it does.

In the early 1980s, state Sen. Charles Smelser and Delegate James E. “Doc” McClellan were at odds on proposed renovations to the pool. Smelser was reluctant to spend the money needed to make it happen.

McClellan — who died Saturday — proposed to name the pool after Sen. Thomas, a close friend and confidant of both Smelser and McClellan. Thomas died in 1983.

155 Years of The Great Frederick Fair

At the turn of the nineteenth century, modernization was changing the very landscape of America. Newfangled machines, modern inventions, unthinkable advances. And the field of all this innovation? It was in the field itself: agriculture.

Europe was pumping out new agricultural inventions faster than it was crops, and America was in a pickle. How were we to keep up with the European agricultural innovation as they plowed ahead? The answer lay not in labs or assembly lines, but in agricultural societies.

Much like competitors in Europe, and even Virginia and the Carolinas, farmers in Maryland wanted to keep up with the latest innovations in their vocation. In 1818, the state formed the Maryland Agricultural Society, a group and gathering for local farmers to share tricks of their trade and livestock, and to discuss the sustainability of agriculture in the region.

Possible calendars to be presented to Frederick County school board next month

Possible calendar options for the next school year will be presented to Frederick County school board members on Nov. 2, leaving them to grapple with how best to handle the new state requirement that school start after Labor Day.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) signed an executive order the last day of August forcing all public schools in Maryland to start post-Labor Day. Though polls show the move to be popular with the public, the move angered local school leaders and Democratic lawmakers, who said Hogan overstepped his bounds.

Hogan, in his original plan, allowed the Maryland State Board of Education to grant waivers from a post-Labor Day start. But he recently amended the order and narrowed the reasons that a district could be exempted, making it difficult to avoid the requirement.

20-50-100 Years Ago – October 19

100 Years Ago

October 19, 1916

With one of the largest Wednesday crowds in the history of the Great Frederick Fair, and thereby the opportunity to establish new attendance and record records, all Frederick county is hoping today for clear skies for the “big” day of the year’s biggest event. At one time there were fully 800 automobiles parked in the space reserved for machines. The total attendance for the day conservatively estimated at 15,000.

The ‘best’ cookies that almost didn’t happen at The Great Frederick Fair (recipe)

The day started at 6 a.m., piling into the car with a sick pitbull mix heading to a veterinarian in Pikesville. Baked good entries for The Great Frederick Fair were due at 8 p.m. that day, but Allison Green had no recipe, no ingredients and no time.

Cindy Green tried to comfort her daughter as she fretted over her dog and realized this would be one of the few years she had nothing to enter to the fair. As they waited at the vet, Cindy mentioned a recipe she saw on Facebook, and the two stopped at Traders Joe’s hours later to buy ingredients before they headed home to Frederick.

20-50-100 Years Ago – October 11

100 Years Ago

October 11, 1916

Remarkable time is being made on tearing down the four residences on East Patrick street on the site purchased for the new post office building. So far the contractor, Frank H. Grove, has been engaged in the work eight days. All of the houses are now down with the exception of two stories of the old Zimmerman property and some outbuildings in the rear.

Warrants out for vendors accused of selling laced candy at The Great Frederick Fair

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has arrest warrants for the two men accused of selling THC-laced gummies and other candies at The Great Frederick Fair last month.

The two men are Robert Andrew Cody McGee, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Robert Brandon Spiva, of Blairsville, Georgia. They owned the booth. The two men were selling the candy alongside T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoverboards.

20-50-100 Years Ago – October 3

100 Years Ago

October 3, 1916

Shrubs, patios are a win-win for landscapers and Fair attendees

Mums, fresh mulch and red, white and blue accessories dotted the fairgrounds in a silent patriotic-themed competition for professional and novice landscapers at The Great Frederick Fair last month.

Hawkins Landscaping won the professional landscaping competition again this year, following a long list of first-place finishes. The Thurmont-based landscaper has been in business for 42 years and has competed since the competition’s introduction to the fair almost two decades ago, said Dave Hawkins Jr., owner of Hawkins Landscaping.

“Obviously, we like the competition, but it [also] beautifies the grounds,” Hawkins said.
The booths lined the fairground’s main pathways, and some had water features and seating for fair-goers.

C&O Canal Federal Advisory Commission members appointed

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park will have the first meeting of the park’s re-authorized Federal Advisory Commission on Thursday, Oct. 6, at 9 a.m. at park headquarters, 1850 Dual Highway, Hagerstown. The meeting is open to the public. The Commission’s task is to consult with the Secretary of the Interior, or her designee, on general policies and specific matters related to the administration and development of the park.

Members will be introduced. Other topics covered include the history of the commission, its charter, review of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and discussion of general policies and specific matters related to park administration.

20-50-100 Years Ago – October 1

100 Years Ago

October 1, 1916

School district committee wants Fair Day, day before Thanksgiving preserved in school calendar

Grappling with a new gubernatorial requirement, a committee that drafts Frederick County’s school calendar wants students to have a day off for The Great Frederick Fair, a long spring break weekend, and the day before Thanksgiving off.

These are all pseudo-holidays, days Frederick County Public Schools isn’t legally required to close schools, but which have been built into calendars.

20-50-100- Years Ago – September 27

100 Years Ago

September 27, 1916

School Notes: Franchot responds directly to pot-Labor Day school start

After a tour of The Great Frederick Fair on Friday, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot stopped by our newsroom for a little chat.

As many folks are aware, Franchot, a Democrat, has vocally championed for several years now to have public schools start after Labor Day, a change he finally accomplished with assistance from his frequent ally, Gov. Larry Hogan (R). Hogan signed an executive order last month mandating a post-Labor Day start, infuriating Democrats in the Legislature and local school leaders.

The last time for a parking first

We decided to splurge last Monday and park on the grounds of The Great Frederick Fair. Big mistake. You have to drive through the center of the fair, and lots of people, guided by volunteers who sent us past an empty field (they were saving that for some big trucks later in the day) all the way down almost to the end of the track’s infield. At least we got our morning walk in. Next time, we’ll park on those closer lots on Monroe Avenue and East Patrick Street. They’re also cheaper.

Can’t complain too much about the return trip. The main route to the parking lot was now fenced off. The helpful attendant informed us we had to walk around the track to get to our car. Could well be that our disguise as old people, which was convincing enough to get us in free on a seniors day, worked again. Fair Board President Joe Devilbiss, riding by in his official fair golf cart, gave us a ride to our car. Thanks, Joe.

On Fair’s closing day, horses are a mane event

Horses took center stage during the last day of the 2016 Great Frederick Fair, offering a learning experience for those who have not had much exposure to the animals.

For horse lovers and those who are merely curious, there were several horse parades and a parade of horse-drawn antique vehicles on Saturday.

Ready to rock: Foreigner concert at fair features Thomas Johnson High students

Hunter Yusko was introduced to the British-American rock band Foreigner as a child.

“My mom and dad listened to them, so I did, too,” Yusko recalled.

This win was black and white: Holstein takes supreme title

Notable cow names of The Great Frederick Fair 2016 West Wind Wonder Fancy Whiskey Pie Tequila On Ice Tickled Pink Loli Dee Lucky Spot

25th LegenDairy

Charges being filed after drug-laced treats uncovered at The Great Frederick Fair

Police are pursuing felony charges against two men accused of selling THC-laced gummy treats and other doped candy at The Great Frederick Fair, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said.

The Sheriff’s Office on Friday filed paperwork to arrest the vendor — Robert Andrew Cody McGee of Virginia Beach, Virginia — and the owner of the booth — Robert Brandon Spiva of Blairsville, Georgia — on several charges related to possession and distribution of schedule 1 drugs, a press release stated.

Fair President: Striking Fair Day from calendar would meet resistance

Frederick County’s longstanding tradition of releasing students for a day at The Great Frederick Fair could be eliminated from the school calendar.

Parents and students interviewed at the fair on Friday were split whether a designated “Fair Day” is still necessary.

Early Roots of The Great Frederick Fair (Pt 1)

This week marks the 154th edition of the Great Frederick Fair, the largest and greatest county fair in the State of Maryland. The Frederick Fair has quite a storied history, but one I found lacking when it came to its first century of existence.

Back in 2012, I took on the task of exploring this “historical black hole” in connection with the 150th anniversary commemoration (of the fair). Most Frederick histories simply repeat the same information written in John Thomas Scharf’s 1883 History of Western Maryland of the first exhibition and cattle show taking place on May 23 and 24, 1822, at George Creager’s Tavern near the Monocacy Bridge, two miles east of Frederick.

Early Roots of The Great Frederick Fair (Pt 2)

On January 12th, 1853, a small advertisement in the Frederick Examiner newspaper announced an upcoming meeting, which respectfully invited “all who feel an interest in the advancement of Agriculture” to attend. This ad was placed by members of the Farmer’s Club, organized in 1849. In another part of the same paper, the Examiner’s editor pointed out the meeting as being “well worth the attention of farmers, millers, and all others interested in the development of the productive resources of our county. Its object is to revive and reorganize the Society, and it is to be hoped that a becoming interest and enterprise will be manifested in the important undertaking. “

College-bound 4-H member, with prize steer, says good-bye

Morgan Moreland raised the 2016 Grand Champion Steer, which sold for over $10,000 at The Great Frederick Fair on Thursday evening.

Moreland, 18, is a member of Tom’s Creek 4-H Club and showed for the last time this week. She is headed to Shepherd University in West Virginia to begin a degree in nursing.

Kids flock to feathered friends at the Frederick Fair

The bird exhibit returns after avian flu fears leave.

Agricultural roots stretch back centuries in Frederick County
For several Frederick County families, Old Fashion Day at the 154th Great Frederick Fair was a chance to look to the past and future of farming families.

Agriculture has been a mainstay for the county and the Crum family. Clyde Crum, 81, is on the fair’s board of directors and has seven generations of farmers in his family, including his great-great-great-grandfather, who started farming in Frederick County in the 1700s.

Ducklings slide into spotlight at The Great Frederick Fair
Poultry is back on display at The Great Frederick Fair, after a temporary ban between Aug. 25, 2015, and June 30 amid avian flu fears from migrating waterfowl.

Nancy Carlisle, 56, the poultry and rabbit barn superintendent, has been with the fair for six years. She is happy to see chickens and ducks back at the fair this year, giving schoolchildren the chance to get up close with the birds.

The Great Frederick Fair, an event where families and the community get together to educate the youth about the agriculture industry, is the last place one would expect a drug raid, but officials started receiving complaints from customers that one vendor’s candy was laced with drugs.

“We initiated an investigation. We did an investigation where we were able to obtain two packages of that product from the vendor. We then took it back and dida preliminary field test, and it tested positive for marijuana,” said Sgt. Jason Deater, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Foreigner multi-instrumentaist reflects on career, coming Frederick
There are reasons that Foreigner was tapped to headline the final night of entertainment at The Great Frederick Fair this year, and “Hot Blooded,” “Cold As Ice,” “I Wanna Know What Love Is” and “Double Vision” are only a few. Celebrating 40 years of existence, they’ve sold upwards of 40 million records in the United States alone.

We recently caught up with the band’s resident multiinstrumentalist, Thom Gimbel, to talk about coming back to Frederick, why he started playing rock music in the first place, and how it feels to now be the second-longest tenured member of his band.

Frederick Fair closes vendor of suspected THC Candy
Operators of a Maryland county fair are shutting down a vendor suspected of selling candies laced with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Great Frederick Fair Executive Assistant Karen Crum said directors voted to remove the booth Wednesday, a day after sheriff’s deputies seized lollipops, gummies and other sweets that field-tested positive for the drug.
Sgt. Jason Deater of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says investigators are awaiting confirmation from a Maryland State Police lab before deciding whether to charge the vendor.

Fair Board Shuts Down Vendor of Suspected THC-laced Candies
Operators of a Maryland county fair are shutting down a vendor suspected of selling candies laced with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Great Frederick Fair Executive Assistant Karen Crum says directors voted to remove the booth Wednesday, a day after sheriff’s deputies seized lollipops, gummies and other sweets that field-tested positive for the drug.
Sgt. Jason Deater of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says investigators are awaiting confirmation from a Maryland State Police lab before deciding whether to charge the vendor.

38 Special singer reflects on career ahead of Fair
38 Special performs at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Great Frederick Fair at the Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick St., Frederick. For tickets and more info, go to www.thegreatfrederickfair.com.

Master gardeners at The Great Frederick Fair
The Great Frederick Fair is in full swing this week, and Master Gardeners from Frederick County are determined to show you how to grow a garden if you don’t, improve your garden if you’re frustrated, and have a little fun with craft projects that are garden-inspired.  In fact, we’ve been waiting all year to do just that.

Frederick Fair closes vendor of suspected THC candy
Operators of a Maryland county fair are shutting down a vendor suspected of selling candies laced with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Great Frederick Fair Executive Assistant Karen Crum said directors voted to remove the booth Wednesday, a day after sheriff’s deputies seized lollipops, gummies and other sweets that field-tested positive for the drug.

20-50-100 Years Ago – September 21
100 Years Ago

September 21, 1916

THC-laced candies seized from booth at The Great Frederick Fair
Frederick County sheriff’s deputies say they’re awaiting tests on suspected marijuana-based candies seized from a booth at The Great Frederick Fair.Sgt. Jason Deater tells The Frederick News-Post that deputies raided the commercial booth Tuesday in Frederick after getting complaints that the items were being illegally sold there.

Brothers gear up for Demolition Derby competition at the Frederick Fair

The Garvin family has been attending the Frederick Fair for years, but this year will have new meaning.

Ed and his brother, Alex, will be entering their car in the demolition derby in honor of their father Frank Garvin who passed away 20 years ago from cancer.

Frank was also a solider in the Korean War so the ’76 Chrysler New Yorker is decorated with American flags to symbolize the friends he lost in battle.

The brothers haven’t won many derby’s in the last few years, but they are looking to change their luck.

“The better we get [and] the better chance we have at winning. And I think we have a chance at winning. We have a good car here, a lot of time and a lot of effort, and Alex is a good driver, so we hope to win tonight,” Mechanic and driver, Ed and Alex Garvin, said.

The demolition derby kicks off Tuesday at the Frederick fair at 7 p.m.

Doped candy leads to drug raid at Great Frederick Fair

Deputies conducted a raid on a commercial booth at The Great Frederick Fair after receiving several complaints that the vendors were selling candy laced with narcotics, said Sgt. Jason Deater, an officer with the Narcotics Investigation Section at the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. The raid occurred around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Hemp’s Meats is a mainstay at The Great Frederick Fair for many repeat fairgoers. Part-owner Billy Hemp has overseen the permanent stand at the fairsince 1986. The family-owned meat market is based in Jefferson, near the farm where the family raises its own cattle. The meat served at the fair is not from the family business, but Hemp’s does not skimp on quality and serves only the top round cut, Hemp said.

Hogan, Democrats are heading towards a first-day schoolyard brawl
Last month’s executive order by Governor Larry Hogan to delay the opening of public schools until after Labor Day has been like a cannonball splash into a pool party. Now, Marylanders could be looking at a long and drawn out spectacle between the governor’s office on one side and the legislature and education officials on the other to resolve the matter. Last week, the state Attorney General’s office offered an informal opinion that Hogan’s order, which forces all 24 Maryland school districts to open after Labor Day beginning the 2017-18 school year, might have been a case of the governor’s reach exceeding his grasp. Meanwhile, at least one Democrat in the General Assembly says he would be willing to sign onto legislation to override Hogan’s order, if it came to that. First, though, state Senator Paul Pinsky, of Prince George’s County, says he will instruct school jurisdictions throughout the state to ignore the order, which Hogan signed Aug. 31 in Ocean City alongside state Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Students scoop, churn, hone garden skills at Fair
State flower recipe What’s the recipe for the perfect black-eyed Susan? 1 scoop seed ready soil 4 scoops all-clay cat box filler 15 to 20 seeds 3 tablespoons water Squeeze all together in a zip-close bag. Mold into a ball and let dry in a sunny spot. Place on top of bare soil right before a rain August through next spring. Watch it grow next spring. Frederick County Public Schools students flooded the farm and garden building with questions, eager hands and wide eyes as volunteers walked them through the steps necessary to grow flowers, churn butter and collect honey.

Funnel cakes, with a little campaigning on the side
They’re along the highways, in front yards, and now, all over the county fair. Campaign signs are flying out of the political tents at The Great Frederick Fair.

Goats and robbers steal the show at Fair’s Pretty Goat Contest
There were criminals and plenty of cops at the Pretty Goat contest Tuesday evening at The Great Frederick Fair as FFA and 4-H club members, along with their younger siblings, paraded their costumed goats around the ring.
Oreo had sirens blazing on top of his horns as cops Austin Van Echo, 4, and his brother Tristan, 7, and goat Brownie charged on to the scene after their bank robber brother Tyrone, 7. They put the scene of the crime on lockdown and Tyrone in jail, but no worries: He was advised to join 4-H to turn his life around.

Family Tradition: Demolition Derby at The Great Frederick Fair brings loved ones closer
The Great Frederick Fair’s demolition derby tends to turn twisted, smoking heaps of wreckage into a family affair.

Several of the more than 40 registrants said they had worked on their derby cars with family members and had gotten into the sport through a relative.

20-50-100 Years Ago – September 20

100 Years Ago.

September 20, 1916…

The Great Frederick Fair 2016 in 4k UHD
The Great Frederick Fair 2016 opened last night with the Draft Horse pull. Be sure to watch my full video of that amazing event. Videos brought to you by South Side Tire & Auto.

Trucks and tractors star on Monday night at The Great Frederick Fair
Tara Moore isn’t in tractor pulling for the money.
She’s in it to beat the boys.

Wheelin’ and dealin’: Great Frederick Fair opportunity for commercial vendors to make business
Corndogs, lemonade and funnel cakes are fair necessities. But the annual event is also a unique opportunity to get hot tubs, tractors and trailers.

Food, farm animals draw first visitors to The Great Frederick Fair
If You Go The 154th annual Great Frederick Fair Where: 797 East Patrick Street, Frederick MD 21705 When: Friday, Sept. 16 through Saturday, Sept. 24, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Carnival rides open from 10 a.m. to close on Saturdays, noon to close on Sunday, 2 p.m. to close Monday though Thursday, and 10 a.m. to close on Friday. Admission for adults is $8 and children 10 and under are free.

Valentine family honored as Farm Family of the Year
The Robert Valentine family was recognized as the Farm Family of the Year at The Great Frederick Fair on Friday for their multigenerational dairy farm and continued commitment to 4-H in the area.

4-H King, Queen Crowned
In the early days of the 4-H Queen, determining the winner of the event often came down to the spin of a wheel, but on Friday, the bar was much higher for the five 4-H members who stepped onto the stage to compete for the titles of 4-H King and Queen 2016.

New Frederick High School building about 50 percent complete
You can stand on the roof of the main school structure, and in the distance spy the spires of the city of Frederick and just barely, the top of the Ferris Wheel at The Great Frederick Fair.

20-50-100 Years Ago – September 14

100 Years Ago

September 14, 1916

Community Conversations – The Great Frederick Fair
Frederick County Executive Jan H. Gardner interviews Karen Crum, Executive Assistant in Community Conversations.

Bluegrass with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder at the GFF
Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder will bring a little bit of bluegrass to the Old Line State Friday night at The Great Frederick Fair when they take the grandstand stage at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $33 reserved track seating, $28 reserved grandstand.

Vince Gill takes the GFF grandstand stage Saturday
Vince Gill has sold more than 26 million records, he joined the Grand Ole Opry 25 years ago, scored his first No. 1 (can you guess the song?) 24 years ago, recently released his 18th studio album, “Down to My Last Bad Habit” and a new single released to radio, “Me and My Girl.” And those numbers don’t include his time with Pure Prairie League in the 1970s and, currently, with The Time Jumpers, whose new western swing and traditional country album “Kid Sister” dropped Sept. 9.

It’s Great Frederick Fair time!
The Great Frederick Fair opens Sept. 16! Festivities run through Sept. 24 at the Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick St., Frederick.

Stringent ride inspection process in Md. keeps incidents low
Flashing lights and the whirl of steel rides will be a welcome sight to many fairgoers this month at The Great Frederick Fair.

Aldermen reject proposed historic designation for Frederick fairgrounds
Further requirements won’t be added to protect the agricultural history that the Frederick Fairgrounds represents. The Frederick Board of Aldermen on Thursday voted to deny a proposal to place a historic preservation overlay on a portion of the fairgrounds property. The 4-0 vote was met with a standing ovation from the packed crowd…

After 18 years, Miss Maryland Agriculture title returns to Frederick County
Frederick County’s representative in the Miss Maryland Agriculture Contest won the title for the first time since 1998 at the state fair Friday.

Frederick Fairgrounds building exemplifies rare architectural style
The iconic red-accented building that marks the entrance to the Frederick Fairgrounds may be the last commercial example of its architectural style in the city of Frederick.

Neighboring businesses fare well during Great Frederick Fair
The Great Frederick Fair is just around the corner, which means businesses around the corner from the Frederick Fairgrounds are eagerly awaiting the increase in customers that accompanies the event.

Top Foods at The Great Frederick Fair
Crab cakes, root beer floats, pulled pork, and gourmet apples. What do all of these delicious treats have in common? You can find them at the Great Frederick Fair! Friday, September 16 marks the start of this year’s event and the big day will be here very soon.

Platten out, .38 Special in at Great Frederick Fair
The Rachel Platten concert at The Great Frederick Fair, scheduled for Sept. 22, has been canceled at the direction of her talent agent, according to a news release from the GFF.

GFF grandstand stage to welcome Thomas Rhett
Country singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett will round out the grandstand entertainment for The Great Frederick Fair this year. Rhett will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 18.

Observations: Karen Crum’s frantic fairground days
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” At the time, there were 156 days between now and the beginning of the 154th Great Frederick Fair and Karen Crum can’t help but rely on Philippians 4:6-7 whenever she feels frazzled…

Farmers market season begins in Frederick
The West Frederick Farmers Market opens on Saturday, signaling the beginning of open-air fresh fruit and produce season in Frederick County as 10 seasonal markets prepare for their opening dates throughout May and June.

Tickets on Sale for Great Frederick Fair events
Sales for several events at The Great Frederick, which runs from Friday, Sept. 16, to Saturday, Sept. 24, are available now…

Foreigner, Jake Owen headline Great Frederick Fair grandstand shows
It’s still months away, but The Great Frederick Fair is ready to welcome music and demolition derby fans to the grandstand for the 2016 fair, slated for Sept. 16 to 24.

Great Frederick Fair to be featured on public television program
The Great Frederick Fair will be featured on Maryland Public Television’s agriculture series Tuesday evening, according to the organization’s website.

Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 309

Program Preview
The Great Frederick Fair is a 153-year old tradition in Frederick County. Joanne visits the fair to sample the food and fun, and to discover how it’s changed and the core values that have remained the same.

Calendar for next school year in Frederick county approved
Next year, classes in Frederick County Public Schools are scheduled to start Aug. 22 and wrap up June 8, 2017, under the calendar approved by the school board.
This calendar looks similar to this year’s, with minor changes. Fair Day, which was scheduled on a Wednesday this year, was moved back to a Friday, Sept. 23. Schools close for Fair Day in a long-standing tradition to let students get to The Great Frederick Fair.

Frederick resident takes a trip down memory lane
Eighty-six-year-old John Granville Felton grew up in a Frederick that has long since disappeared. Many of those times, however, memories of the Depression and World War II, are still with him.
…The Great Frederick Fair was one of his favorite times of the year. When he had the money, he might go several times a day. Sometimes, he went even when he didn’t have the money.

Frederick County Public Schools share Frederick Fair Successes at the FCPS Board of Ed. meeting
Regular Meeting: 2.09 System Recognition: Overview of Frederick Fair Learning Activities

Part 1: Carnival!
Part 2: Demo Derby/Monster Trucks!
Part 3: Agriculture!

Frederick Community Health Fair treats all for free
The eighth annual Frederick Community Health Fair will offer a new spin on health and fitness, as well as free screenings, treatments and dental services, when it returns Oct. 24 to the Frederick Fairgrounds.

Frederick’s largest health fair taking place this weekend
Free medical services, vaccines, and screenings to be offered at annual event…at the Frederick Fairgrounds.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are needed for the Frederick Health Fair to be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Frederick Fairgrounds 797 E. Patrick St., Frederick.

USAMRMC “Infects” Fairgoersin Virtual Virus Epidemic Game
Members of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command’s Strategic Partnerships Office spent Sept. 23 at the Great Frederick Fair telling fairgoers about the command’s mission. The SPO also showed attendees why the work conducted at the USAMRMC is important not only to members of the military, but to them and their families as well by “infecting” them with a virus during a virtual virus epidemic game.

Frederick County crowns 2015 dairy supreme champions
Farmers from around the county descended upon The Great Frederick Fair on Friday to compete for who had the finest dairy cows.

Agriculture in decline
The Great Frederick Fair season, which ended Saturday, brings to mind many things, not the least of which is this county’s agricultural presence and heritage. There is of course more to the fair than this, but anyone who doesn’t notice its agricultural component is certainly not paying attention.

Great Frederick Fair Views
Sharon Everman steers her modified-class tractor Wild Hare down the track at Monday night’s tractor pull at The Great Frederick Fair.

Yom Kippur pitted against The Great Frederick Fair in school calendar
A Frederick County Public Schools calendar decision has made it harder to keep Yom Kippur holy, members of local Jewish congregations said.From sundown Tuesday until sundown Wednesday, Jews were supposed to be introspective, fasting and not participating in work or play. Wednesday was also Fair Day on the FCPS calendar, which implies that students have the day off to attend the county’s annual agricultural and carnival ritual, The Great Frederick Fair.

Delicious or disgusting, the food at The Great Frederick Fair is a force to be reckoned with. Just ask News-Post staffers who ate there last week, and you’ll find feelings as varied as the foods made fry-able by fair vendors.

Horticulture of the Future Award
Yi Qing Lin poses with a display of vegetables in his backyard container and box farming garden in the Farm and Garden Building at The Great Frederick Fair. Lin was awarded the Horticulture of the Future Award. This is his second year displaying his vegetables in the Farm & Garden Building at the fair.

Marines showcase at the Frederick Fair: Photo of the Day 9/22/15
The Great Frederick Fair is in full swing, and the U.S. Marines of Frederick County have been showcasing their equipment, allowing children to climb up and take a look around inside.

Frederick county students freed from classroom for Fair Day
Nobody could recall how long Fair Day has been a tradition for Frederick County Public Schools students — the day that children, instead of being confined to the classroom, can roam The Great Frederick Fair. But they all enjoyed it just the same.

A win with a whoop in the harness race
Before my first-ever turn as a local “celebrity” in the Celebrity Harness Race at The Great Frederick Fair on Wednesday, I got two pieces of advice.

Six ways to spend $15 at The Great Frederick Fair
People enjoy The Great Frederick Fair for obvious reasons — the rides, the food, the animals, the chance to see old friends and the countless exhibits displayed around the fairgrounds.
However, several visits to the fair — or even several hours — can easily add up. A few drinks at the beer garden with friends, dining out with the family and taking a spin on some of the rides can leave you without a penny in your pocket by the end of the day.

Maryland comptroller visits The Great Frederick Fair
The Great Frederick Fair had a special guest on Wednesday.
Maryland Comptroller, Peter Franchot, said he wanted to experience one of Maryland’s top rated fairs first hand.

FCPS maintains longtime tradition, celebrates fair day
Each year during the Great Frederick Fair, the local school system gives students a day off to celebrate the annual affair.

On ‘Fair Day’ as it is marked on the Frederick County Public Schools calendar, fair goers 18 and under are admitted free until 5 P.M. Similarly, ride fares are reduced by one ticket.

Pink Demolition Derby
Alex Garvin and his fiancee, Neomi Durboraw, are taking their freshly painted pink 1972 Chrysler New Yorker to the demolition derby Wednesday night at The Great Frederick Fair.

The sweeter side to the Great Frederick Fair includes lots of Toll House
As superintendent of the Great Frederick Fair’s Household Building, Brenda Bell has tasted a lot of chocolate chip cookies.

“Toll houses, we call them,” Bell said. “We have so many of those.”

Frederick Fair returns with Joe Diffie, Sammie Kershaw
FREDERICK, Md. — Looking for something fun to do after Pope Francis leaves D.C. for New York?
It continues this week with a string of country stars: Joe Diffie, Sammy Kershaw and Aaron Tippin on Thursday; Chase Bryant, Kellie Pickler and Easton Corbin on Friday; and Josh Turner on Saturday.

Fairgoers embrace lieutenant governor at Governor’s Day
Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford became the center of attention at Governor’s Day at The Great Frederick Fair on Tuesday, as he stopped to greet, shake hands and pose for photos with dozens of fairgoers.

Prodigal son returns as monster trucks debut at The Great Frederick Fair
Having traveled as far as Europe and Australia as a monster truck driver, Trey Myers was never prouder than Friday when he set foot on the dirt track at The Great Frederick Fair.

Great Frederick Fair Word Search

Food vendors’ safety violations decrease at The Great Frederick Fair
Food vendors at the 2014 The Great Frederick Fair had fewer food safety violations than vendors at the 2013 fair, according to county data.

Safety remains top priority at The Great Frederick Fair
County sheriff’s deputies are looking forward to today’s kickoff of The Great Frederick Fair for something more than the shows and calorific treats.

County’s longtime agricultural contributors honored at The Great Frederick Fair
Two of Frederick County’s top businesses and one of its prized farming advocates were honored Friday at The Great Frederick Fair for their longtime contributions to the county’s agricultural community.

Great Frederick Fair schedule of events- Sept. 18
Daily events: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. City Streets, Country Roads Agriculture Awareness Exhibit, Milky Way, It’s Fiber-Optics, Milking Facility, Birthing Center, My “Plate” Garden, Tack Room Exhibit.

Foxworthy finds humor close to home, Frederick hearts
Self-proclaimed redneck-locator and comedian Jeff Foxworthy had The Great Frederick Fair audience laughing uproariously Saturday night – at themselves as much as at him.

Grand champion cake at 4-H Cake Auction goes for more than $6,000
Right before Brietta Latham presented her cake to the judges for the 4-H cake auction program, she realized the cake had slid. The top layer had fallen off. But it wasn’t even noticeable when she actually brought out her Raspberry Filled Chocolate Cake in front of the judges.

After a quick touch-up, the cake was back in tip-top shape. And it was a hit. Brietta’s cake was awarded the Grand Champion Cake prize in the 4-H Cake Auction program. The 4-H Cake Auction was held Sunday during The Great Frederick Fair.

6 Things to Know This Week- Sept. 21
1. A fair week. The 153rd Great Frederick Fair continues through Saturday. Check out the fun on the midway, entertainment on the grandstand stage and the 4-H and FFA exhibits and shows. The Frederick Fairgrounds are at 797 E. Patrick St., Frederick. The Tractor/Truck Pull is tonight, Tuesday is Governor’s Day, Wednesday is Kids’ Day and Thursday is Old-Fashion Day. Details are at www.thegreatfrederickfair.com and each day in The Frederick News-Post.

Great Frederick Fair highlights agricultural roots throughout county
The 153rd annual Great Frederick Fair is underway, but fair officials say they have more to offer than funnel cakes and ferris wheels.

‘Voice of the Beef Barn’ to retire after 34th year at The Great Frederick Fair
Like a lot of longtime 4-H supporters, Donald Trimmer got involved with 4-H when his kids entered their own livestock in The Great Frederick Fair competitions.

Putting the pieces together: Setting up for The Great Frederick Fair
The rides are up, the pens are ready for their animal guests and the phone is ringing off the hook at the Frederick Fairgrounds’ main office just days before The Great Frederick Fair is set to begin.

Not your grandma’s Great Frederick Fair
The 153rd Great Frederick Fair kicks off Friday. Fair-goers will find a lot of longtime favorites: Cows and pigs — got ‘em. Funnel cakes, the Ferris wheel and the Farm Bureau’s dairy bar — wouldn’t be the fair without ‘em.

What Makes The Great Frederick Fair, GREAT?
Rated Maryland’s #1 Fair by the Washington Post’s Weekend Section, and ranked Frederick County’s Largest Agricultural Classroom, The Great Frederick Fair is a traditional county fair with midway attractions, food vendors, livestock exhibits, a national entertainment line-up and more! Organizers of this year’s 153rd Great Frederick Fair are pulling out all the stops for this annual celebration, offering unique carnival attractions, top-notch live entertainment, and high-fueled shows!

Annual fair foot traffic flows to community businesses
With the 153rd annual Great Frederick Fair just around the corner, visitors can look forward to classic rides and treats unique to the fair grounds.

Food vendors’ safety violations decrease at The Great Frederick Fair
Food vendors at the 2014 The Great Frederick Fair had fewer food safety violations than vendors at the 2013 fair, according to county data.

Rides at 2014 Great Frederick Fair had few safety violations
Rides inspected at last year’s Great Frederick Fair had few safety violations, according to state data. And the company that has long provided the rides for the fair, Reithoffer Shows Inc., is back again this year.

Great Frederick Fair to open doors on Friday
September means the start of pumpkin flavored treats and enjoying cooler temperatures, but over in Frederick County, it also means the annual Great Frederick Fair.

FUNomenon draws thousands to Frederick Fairgrounds
The Frederick Fairgrounds grandstands were well more than half-full by mid-afternoon Saturday during FUNomenon, the annual fundraiser for the Patty Pollatos Fund.

Chickens make cameo before Great Frederick Fair
The judge took each chicken out of its individual cage, inspecting feathered wings and clawed feet while the chickens’ young handlers stood solemn but eager behind the birds.

Last chance to see poultry display at this county fair
DAMASCUS, Md. — Lonnie Luther’s L&M Farm is buzzing with activity as Luther and his wife Mina prepare for the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. There are cattle to be corralled and eggs to collect from the dozens of varieties Luther keeps on the Damascus, Maryland farm…The ban, says Luther, was a real blow to school children across Frederick County where he says 121 schools take part in the “Schoolhouse Chick Program.” Eggs are sent to classrooms at elementary and middle schools and the children raise the birds which are eventually shown at the Great Frederick Fair in September. “They’re very happy to see one of their little birds grow up and show at the fair,” he says. Luther calls the ban “a big disappointment” for the kids. But there was a 4-H show scheduled recently, so that the Frederick County 4-H participants would have an opportunity to show their birds.

Friday is for Fair Day
As Frederick has grown and changed over the years, it has been easy to lose sight of the charming town it started out as. We have lost many traditions over the years and fought to keep others. One that has always resonated with me is The Great Frederick Fair’s kids day. Where else would you find a town that shuts down the entire school system for a free day at the fair? I fear we will not be able to find that here in the future.

Protecting the state from highly infectious avian flu
The Maryland Department of Agriculture has announced a ban on poultry exhibitions at all fairs and shows in Maryland, effective Aug. 25. That means The Great Frederick Fair’s large, popular poultry exhibit will not be part of this year’s annual September event.

MDA bans chickens from Great Frederick Fair
The Great Frederick Fair announced Saturday that chickens, and yes, even those baby ducklings sliding down tiny slides, will not be allowed on the fairgrounds this September.

Painting, planting, weeding replace the 3 R’s for summer
It was only 10 a.m., and youth volunteers at the Frederick Fairgrounds were already covered in dirt, grass stains and sweat in the 90-degree heat.

Comptroller Franchot Launches Search for Unclaimed Property Owners at Fairs and Festivals
FREDERICK, MD. (LG)  In addition to the food, rides, shows and displays, there’s one other place you might want to visit  at the Great Frederick Fair, September 18-26, 2015.  That’s the booth set up by the Maryland Comptroller’s Office.

The 153rd Great Frederick Fair’s Entertainment Lineup Announced
Beginning September 18, 2015, the grandstands at The Great Frederick Fair will be rocking with some of the best entertainment in the Tri-State Area for this year’s 153rd lineup!

New hands-on food, nutrition initiative takes roots in Frederick County elementary schools
With the sun shining, local officials and Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent Terry Alban kicked off their shoes, celebrating the school system’s new partnership with a local nonprofit that hopes to teach students a little about where their food comes from and nutrition... A year or so back, Dickson had set up something similar at The Great Frederick Fair: a large garden to showcase for the children. After the successful exhibit, he approached school system representatives, including Alban and Kevin Cuppett, executive director for curriculum, instruction and innovation, to pitch starting gardens at the schools.

Outdoorswomen: Teen has passion for shooting clay targets and photographs
Natalie Schiazzi is pretty good at shooting two things: clay targets and photographs. She has received accolades for both…She currently shows pigs with the Calico Clovers, but plans to show at The Great Frederick Fair in September and sell them as she ages out of 4-H.

Which act are you most excited to see performing at The Great Frederick Fair?
Poll: Jeff Foxworthy or Dwight Yoakam or Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw & Joe Diffie or Chase Bryant, Kellie Pickler & Easton Corbin or Josh Turner or None of the Above

Great Frederick Fair grandstand entertainment
Sept. 18: All Star Monster Truck Show, 7:30 p.m., $23 grandstand only
Sept. 19: Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, 7:30 p.m., $53 reserved grandstand, $58 reserved track seating

Foxworthy, Yoakam to kick off Great Frederick Fair grandstand entertainment
If you can’t wait to see the first show in the entertainment lineup at The Great Frederick Fair, you might be a Fredneck … make that a redneck, as comedian Jeff Foxworthy kicks off the grandstand entertainment on Sept. 19. Dwight Yoakam takes the stage Sept. 20.

Joseph Devilbiss to lead Fair Board in 2015
A farmer and owner of a construction business will serve as president of The Great Frederick Fair this year.

Developer wants to buy city land to build apartments along Carroll Creek
A grassy field along Carroll Creek used for overflow parking during The Great Frederick Fair could soon be developed into an apartment complex.

Experience the Maryland State fair at least once
“If you’ve never been to the Maryland State Fair, you should go. It’s good to experience it at least once!” That’s according to Beth Reed, who recently ended her one-year tenure as Miss Frederick County Farm Bureau.

Great Frederick Fair sets entertainment lineup
Brantley Gilbert kicks off a week of nightly grandstand entertainment for The Great Frederick Fair on Sept. 13. And a ticket to this bad boy of country music’s show may be one of the hottest of the musical lineup, which also includes the legendary Kenny Rogers, the handsome Chris Young with opener Cassadee Pope, winner of season 3 of “The Voice,” the gravelly voiced Kip Moore and rock legends Styx.

Group Gives Back to Community, Plants for Great Frederick Fair
A group of volunteers in Frederick are digging and planting as they give back to the community, all while getting ready for the 152nd Great Frederick Fair.

“We’re planting a healthy food-plate, fruits and vegetables and grain and protein,” said volunteer camper Simon Price.

Welcome to The Great Frederick Fair
I can hear the tractor pull from my house. Anyone from Route 15 to the eastern fringes of Spring Ridge probably can. Methane fueled, featuring multiple turbo-chargers and cranking out more than 5,000 horsepower, the roar of those engines carries a long way. That sharp, staccato sound on a September evening has come to herald autumn’s approach alongside chilly nights that call for a sweater—a sure sign The Great Frederick Fair is in full swing.

Animal showing is family affair at state fair
Mandi Valentine-Dennis has been showing animals since she was 8. Now married and 32, Valentine-Dennis still feels excited as she prepares for her umpteenth show at the Maryland State Fair from Aug. 22 to Sept. 1.

Barbara Fritchie Classic: Mees adds to history of No. 9
Long before Friday’s Barbara Fritchie Classic main event started, the race’s grand marshal, Mary Nixon, said she liked “that No. 9.” … 92nd running of the Barbara Fritchie Classic at The Great Frederick Fairgrounds.

The Frederick County Fair is one of the oldest agricultural fairs in the state of Maryland dating back to 1822 when it was known as the Cattle Show and Fair.

Over the years the fair has changed names several times. Today, the Frederick County Fair is officially named the Great Frederick Fair.

The entertainment lineup for the Great Frederick Fair for 2014 has been announced.
Fair board officials say visitors can take in Brantley Gilbert, Kenny Rogers, Chris Young and Cassadee Pope, and Styx.

Famous Birthdays Today, Feb. 28: Jason Aldean…
Jason Aldean at the Great Frederick Fair, Frederick, Maryland.

Do You Know…The Great Frederick Fair e-ventplex Hosts Hundreds of Event Days
This September marks the 152nd edition of The Great Frederick Fair, held at the e-ventplex on East Patrick Street. A private, non-profit entity, the Fair is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected from the County’s 250 member Agricultural Society.

Maryland Association of Agricultural Fairs and Shows 2013 Convention Report to IAFE
Located in the IAFE International Publication

The Great Frederick Fair IAFE 2013 Report Form
Located in the IAFE International Publication

Great Frederick Fair receives grant for Agri-Theatre
The Great Frederick Fair recently received a $650 grant from The AG-C.I.T.E. Fund, one of more than 640 components funds of The Community Foundation of Frederick County. AG-C.I.T.E. stands for “Agricultural Community Interactive Teaching Experience.”

Oakdale FFA growth reflects national trend
IJAMSVILLE, Md. (AP) — A new school usually comes with new programs, and Oakdale High is a case in point.

Montevue Auxiliary News
Montevue Assisted Living Auxiliary met Oct. 3….Residents also attended The Great Frederick Fair and some residents received blue ribbons for the items they entered.

Families find deals at TotSwap in Frederick
Thousands of good deals drew savvy shoppers to the TotSwap children’s consignment event over the weekend.

Organizers say The Great Frederick Fair attendance appears to exceed 2012
Final numbers have not been tallied, but fair board president John Bare believes attendance this year at The Great Frederick Fair exceeded last year’s numbers.

Five question with John Bare, president of The Great Frederick Fair Board
Five question with John Bare, president of The Great Frederick Fair Board

Tech, farms team up in Children’s Day exhibits
It wouldn’t be Children’s Day at The Great Frederick Fair without a little “Bovine Intervention.”

Teen, recovered from heart surgery, finds success in the dairy barn

Earlier this summer Kayla Lenhart, 14, was recovering from heart surgery. Now the Lewistown teenager is showing livestock at The Great Frederick Fair and planning a trip to the World Dairy Expo.

Do it again- Beach Boys prove age is but a number at Friday night performance
Numbers floated through the air like a warm mist radiating from a wave through summer skies Friday night as the Beach Boys took the grandstand stage at The Great Frederick Fair. Those numbers?

Lewistown man retires from fair milking parlor
Harold Long has been a fixture at The Great Frederick Fair for decades.

Grand champion steer sells for $9,268 at fair livestock auction
Years of caring for his steer culminated in his biggest 4-H win so far for Christopher Coblentz. The 12-year-old Rocky Ridge 4-H member received the coveted Grand Champion Market Steer honors Wednesday at The Great Frederick Fair, and sold for $9,268 on Thursday at the livestock auction.

Hunter Hayes brings new gen country to The Great Frederick Fair
Before Hunter Hayes even took the stage, thousands of girls were screaming. All anyone had to say was “Hunter Hayes” and cue the screams. Hayes is new gen country, and his music crosses charts and generations.

Only second place, but a great day for a harness race
It was a great day for harness racing at The Great Frederick Fair.

Love looks back as Beach Boys get set to take The Great Frederick Fair grandstand stage
Of all the many great, iconic songs the Beach Boys have penned, it takes a 1979 rarity to get founding member Mike Love excited these days. “Goin’ to the Beach,” which appears on “Made In California 1962-2012,” the recently released box set that features out-takes, B-sides, demos and alternate versions of some of the group’s most recognizable hits, is a lost gem, an upbeat, shuffle-driven short trip that only now, after more than 30 years, is officially seeing the light of day.

News-Post reporter Ed Waters in harness race at the Great Frederick Fair

Horsemanship, precision are focus at jousting exhibition
Rosalita ignored the direction to charge and broke out into something that resembled more of a sideways dance instead.

100-pound calf born to cheers at Frederick fair
A cow on the verge of giving birth will keep fair-goers at the birthing center, sometimes for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mother Nature in action.

Fair food: Would you eat the Walk-Away Taco?
It’s easy to love fair food. Funnel cakes. Fresh-cut french fries. Cheese-steaks. Bloomin’ onions. Cotton candy. Popcorn. Nachos. Any kind of greasy, fattening, awesome food is precisely 69,390-times more greasy, fattening and awesome when had at a county fair. Shoving that stuff down your throat as the dust kicks up from the blowing wind and the unfortunate aromas creep over from the Ag barn isn’t just a pastime for all humankind, it’s a gosh darn luxury, gosh darn it.

220- pound pumpkin from Middletown takes fair prize
On Tuesday, Brianna’s blue-ribbon pumpkin occupied the better part of The Great Frederick Fair’s display pen, where a skid loader plopped it Thursday. It was too large to haul into the farm and garden building the usual way, on a tarp.

Wine a big hit with fair-goers
Offering wine at The Great Frederick Fair for the first time this year seems to be a hit.

The Great Frederick Fair
Staff and Reader-Submitted Photos

Rain no big deal for fairgoers
Some people wore parkas. Others trudged around in rain boots.
Still others, including some elementary school students, came to The Great Frederick Fair on Monday armed with umbrellas.

First Calf at 2013 Fair is Born, More on the Way
FREDERICK, Md. – One of the biggest traditions of The Great Frederick Fair is underway at The Birthing Center.

Snipping trims sheep to perfection at The Great Frederick Fair
“Snip, snip, snip, baaa,” was all anyone heard during the quiet moments of the sheep fitting and showing competition Sunday at The Great Frederick Fair.

House fire erupts near The Great Frederick Fair
Firefighters at The Great Frederick Fair responded to a house fire Sunday night on nearby Monroe Avenue after seeing smoke blow across the fairgrounds, a fire official said.

Great Frederick Fair underway in Maryland, will run through Sept. 21- The Washington Post
The 151st fair began Friday and continues through Sept. 21. Organizers say there are more than 18,00 exhibits including thousands in a farm and garden building, where flowers, fruits and vegetables, farm crops and home brewed beers and wines are being displayed. Other exhibits include handmade clothing, baked goods and photography.

Wagon parade shows creativity at The Great Frederick Fair
Every child took home a trophy Saturday afternoon at the seventh annual decorated wagon parade.

Frederick families pass fair traditions down generations
Surrounded by haystacks in a dairy barn Friday, Lilah Utterback, 3, picked up a broom, pushed it into the ground and helped sweep a clear pathway for her family.

Ceresville New Holland named Agri-Business of the year
Ceresville New Holland Inc., a family-owned agricultural equipment dealership in Frederick, was honored Friday as the 2013 Agri-Business of the Year at The Great Frederick Fair.

Frederick County 4-H crowns royalty
With the sound of cattle softly mooing in the background, Frederick County 4-H crowned a new king and queen on Friday night.

Great Frederick Fair security to be ‘as high as its ever been’
Law enforcement intelligence suggests the next 10 days of festivities at Frederick County’s fairgrounds will be safe and secure — but that’s not stopping sheriff’s deputies from being on high alert at this year’s Great Frederick Fair.

The Great Frederick Fair is back
Hot, humid weather Thursday could not dissuade Scoutmaster Gary Streeton from a “must do” chore — marking parking lot A with white paint to ensure traffic flow would be smooth for the throngs of people expected for opening day of the 151st Great Frederick Fair.

Farm bureau dairy bar features local ice cream for the first time at fair
The Frederick County Farm Bureau has operated the Dairy Bar at The Great Frederick Fair for more than 30 years and, for the first time, will offer ice cream made on the farm at Rocky Point Creamery, of Tuscarora, and South Mountain Creamery in Middletown.

What’s New this Year at The Great Frederick Fair
FREDERICK, Md. – 151 years of tradition continues at The Great Frederick Fair beginning Friday, and we’ve got a sneak peek at what’s new this year.

For Martina McBride, new label is like a new start
Martina McBride has played a lot of fairs in her 20-year career, including The Great Frederick Fair in 1998.
The country singer-songwriter will take the grandstand stage at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. And if she gets a hankering, you might find her munching on a corn dog, one of her favorite fair foods.

It’s great. It’s Frederick. It’s The Great Frederick Fair. Opening this weekend!
From food to concerts, midway rides and attractions to live animals and exhibits, there’s plenty to see and do at The Great Frederick Fair. The nine-day attraction starts Friday and runs through Sept. 21 at 797 E. Patrick St.

For many, food is the main attraction at The Great Frederick Fair
When country music’s Tate Stevens comes to play on The Great Frederick Fair’s grandstand stage Sunday, Sept. 15, you might find him on the Midway munching on corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Six things to know around Frederick this week
Fair time. The 151st Great Frederick Fair is ready to kick off Friday.

The Great Frederick Fair preps for 151st year
Tents were set up, a huge crane hoisted carnival equipment into place, 18-wheeler trucks delivered rides and volunteers scurried to put final pieces in place over the weekend — all in preparation for the nine-day 151st Great Frederick Fair, which begins Friday.

RelyLocal Business Spotlight with Becky Brashear
Caressa Flannery interviews Becky Brashear on The Great Frederick Fair

Rotary hears about Great Frederick Fair
On Aug. 21, Becky Brashear, general manager of The Great Frederick Fair, provided the Rotary Club of Frederick with a program overview for the Sept. 13 to 21 event.

The Great Frederick Fair there’s an app for that
The Great Frederick Fair is keeping up with the times.
A computer app is now available, allowing the public to stay updated on events at the nine-day 151st fair scheduled for Sept. 13 to 21, as well as year-round events at the Frederick Fairgrounds.

As Long as the wine is local
Visitors to The Great Frederick Fair may have the opportunity to sit down, eat a meal and have a glass of wine this year, thanks to liquor board approval and contingent on a favorable decision by the fair board.

Liquor board: Wine OK at fair; fair board to decide
Want some wine to go with that deep-fried cheese? It may be possible at this year’s Great Frederick Fair. The Frederick County liquor board approved a request to serve wine at the fair this year, but a final decision hasn’t been made, said Becky Brashear, the fair’s general manager.

Quilters guild fills Frederick Fairgrounds with colors, patterns
The E-ventplex at the Frederick Fairgrounds was taken over by rows of colorful patterns and the hum of sewing machines Friday through Sunday.

Fair Season Continues
While the Carroll County 4-H & FFA Fair has wrapped up, fair season has just gotten started in Maryland.

The Great Frederick Fair Mobile App
Hunter Hayes takes center stage at The Great Frederick Fair on Thursday, September 19, at 7:30 p.m. “Put The e-ventplex… Home of The Great Frederick Fair in the palm of your hands! Find new ways to navigate through our annual fair and year-round events.

Hunter Hayes Headlines The Great Frederick Fair
Hunter Hayes takes center stage at The Great Frederick Fair on Thursday, September 19, at 7:30 p.m. “He is one that will surely attract the younger crowd,” said Becky Brashear, General Manager. The fair runs September 13-21 at 797 East Patrick Street, in downtown Frederick.

Great Frederick Fair launches mobile app
The Great Frederick Fair will launch a free mobile app that can be downloaded beginning June 17 at the app store or Google Play store for iPhone and Droid users.
The app will include both the fair and year-round events and activities at the Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick St.

Great Frederick Fair Will Have a New App
FREDERICK,MD- Those who visit The Great Frederick Fair will have technology on their side with a new app. The fair will launch a free app for iPhone and Android users on June 17th through a partnership with Yellow Cab of Frederick. The last entertainer of the fair will be announced on the app.

Great Frederick Fair To Launch Mobile App
It will provide information on the annual event.
A new form of marketing for the Great Frederick Fair will be unveiled later this month. The Fair will be launching a new mobile app. “Obviously, there are many apps available out there, and we feel it’s one of the best advantages that we can take the opportunity to get more of our information regarding Fair out to the masses of those who are guests,” says Becky Brashear, General Manager of the Fair.

Bees Connect keeper with his childhood
By Ike Wilson News-Post Staff
Beekeepers are something of an odd lot.
After the first bee sting, they become initiated into a brotherhood, so to speak, where they are immediately accepted and bond over their common interest in bees.
…”He won grand champion and best of show for his honey last year at The Great Frederick Fair,” longtime Frederick County beekeeper Bill McGiffin said.

No matter the weather — or the season, in fact — the farmers market at the E-ventplex at the Frederick Fairgrounds is open for business. All year long, the market, located inside Building 12 at the fairgrounds at 797 E. Patrick St., offers up food and drink, sweets, baked goods, local meat, produce and more for purchase from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Frederick running festival honors Boston bombing victims

About 6,000 people participated in the two-day event
As runners made their way to the Frederick Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday, some parted with their well-worn, yet faithful sneaker laces in favor of new ones.

THE X-FACTOR Winner Tate Stevens’ Self-Titled Album Debuts at NO. 4 on Billboard Top Country Albums Chart

NASHVILLE, TN (Wed., May 1, 2013) – The self-titled debut album from FOX’s The X Factor Season 2 winner and Syco Music/RCA Nashville recording artist Tate Stevens has debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart this week.

A story of who goes where: The entry and post draw process.

Sacramento Harness Racing – Horse Racing at Cal Expo
SACRAMENTO, CA- Every September, I go to Frederick, Maryland to announce their harness program during that city’s fair.

Worth the Wait: ‘X Factor’ winner Tate Stevens gets his shot with his debut album

Billboard- After years of touring and banging on record company doors, “X Factor” winner Tate Stevens is finally realizing his dreams with the April 23 release of his self-titled debut on Syco Music/RCA Nashville.

Frederick News Post
FREDERICK, MD – Country music’s Martina McBride and “The X-Factor” winner Tate Stevens have joined the grandstand lineup for The Great Frederick Fair, set for Sept. 13-21.

Getting the word out: Fair hires first social media planner, PR coordinator

FREDERICK, MD – Thurmont native Karen Crum begins a dream job today as The Great Frederick Fair’s first social media planner and public relations coordinator.

Beach Boys to perform at The Great Frederick Fair in September; tickets on

FREDERICK, MD—The Beach Boys are bringing some of those “Good Vibrations” to Frederick when the icon musical group performs at the 151st Great Frederick Fair on Friday, Sept. 20.

Beach Boys set to perform at The Great Frederick Fair WTOP.com

It took five years of waiting, but patience has paid off – The Beach Boys are coming to The Great Frederick Fair.

Beach Boys set to perform at The Great Frederick Fair – The …

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