Robert W. Frank


Robert W. Frank - Board of DirectorsMembership in the Frederick County Agricultural Society Inc. runs deep in Robert Frank’s family, back to the early 1800s.  Frank has visited the fair every year he can remember, except for military service.

He became a life member in 1970 and joined the Board of Managers in 1989. Frank served as president of the Frederick County Agricultural Society Inc. in 1996 and 1997. He serves as the chairman of the Rentals and Household committees.

Frank had one grandmother that worked in the Farm and Garden Building and another who judged in the Home Arts Building, so the buildings are favorite places for him on the grounds.  His granddaughter, Emily, works in the Farm and Garden Building, making her the fifth generation of his family to work in that building.

Frank sees it as an honor to serve on the board. Although the fair has changed over the years, handing down the  traditions of The Great Frederick Fair to the next generation is most important to him.