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The Frederick Fairgrounds features 44 buildings and over 40 acres of limitless opportunities. Located in Frederick, Maryland, our property is easily accessible off I-70, I-270 and U.S. 15 and from downtown Frederick. We are less than an hour drive from Baltimore and Washington D.C., and surrounding areas. (Rates are subject to change without notice.)


GFF Rental Info/Insurance Requirements

The Rental Info/Checklist from The Frederick Fairgrounds shows the required documentation and timeline of securing permits, certificate of liability insurance, etc. (A quick reference for rental documents).
For more info contact: email@thegreatfrederickfair.com or by phone at 301-663-5895.

Rental Information / Event Checklist  Sample Cert. of Liability Insurance


Permits & Guidelines – City & Fire Marshall Info

Any event selling alcohol will need to apply for an alcohol permit. There is no restriction on when someone can apply for a license as long as it’s for the same calendar year. Outdoor events must be approved by zoning, permits, health department and fire marshal’s office before we can issue our license.

Liquor Application

Questions regarding alcohol at your event, please contact liquorboard@frederickcountymd.gov or by phone at 301-600-2984.

Mobile Food Vendor Inspection Packet

Questions regarding food control at your event, please contact foodcontrol@frederickcountymd.gov or by phone at 301-600-2542.

Tent Guidelines  Special Events Guidelines

Questions regarding special event & tent guidelines at your event, please contact firemarshal@frederickcountymd.gov or by phone at 301-600-1479.


Large Events

Any event, festival or like occurrence that will have 2,000 or more individuals in attendance at any time during the occurrence will need a large event permit.

Questions, please contact www.cityoffrederick.com or by phone at 301-600-3808.

Large Event Q&A/Application

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